What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a natural phenomena.  It happens when your concious mind relaxes enough to bring the subconcious

mind to the fore.  It happens when daydreaming, watching a movie, just before you sleep or wake up, driving

long distanes, or even while you read a book.  Hypnotherapy is the use of applications to relax the concious

mind so that the unconcious mind can be accessed, where positive suggestions bring about positive changes.

With hypnosis, communication with the subconcious mind makes it easy for positive suggestions to bring about

positive changes.  By inducing hypnosis, this natural process works in cooperation with our concious

mind and brings increased well being. In fact, our minds go into this natural altered stae of

conciousness every day. So, if you are wondering if you can be hypnotized; then the answer is yes.


Will hypnotherapy make me do things I dont want to do?

The hypnotherapist cannot control the client or make you do anything against your will.  Hypnosis is not

a time to sleep, but it often feels familiar to people.  You can simply accept or decline any suggestion. The

only requirement for hypnosis to work is to believe that it does work for you.


What are the uses of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a valuable tool in helping people change many behaviors or issues in their life that they may

wish to improve.  It also has healing aspects and is used for pain management. Some examples are: smoking

cessation drinking, drinking cessation, overeating, sports performance, pain control, trama removal, phobias,

and much more!


What is a session like?

My sessions are held in a safe, professional, office building.  Before the session, you will have the

opporunity to use the restroom if needed.  After completing a few pages of paperwork, I will lead you into

the pre-induction talk.  The pre-induction talk is a complete explanation of what hypnosis is; including its

benefits.  During the session, you can choose to wear comfortable light sleep shades to help

you more quickly relax.  Just by closing your eyes, 80% of the waking beta brainwave frequency is shut out,

making it easy to enter hypnosis.  You will be wearing high quality/light weight noise cancelling headphones

during the session.  You will hear my voice through professional sound equipment to provide the best results

for you. I use non-invasive techniques that include progressive relaxation, metaphors, guided imagery,

and direct suggestion.  So please take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to heal and discover a powerful

source of strength for yourself.  And most importantly, enjoy your wonderful hypnotic session!






















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