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Hypnotherapy is the use of modalities for goal accomplishment .  Through the subconscious mind, you

can re-

program your mind and remove unwanted habits, and unhealthy thinking with positive thinking and positive solutions. These self empowering solutions are acted upon in your everyday





   Spokane Hypnotherapy is a place for self-empowerment,

where you may learn to realize your potential with positive transformational hypnosis that is "designed for you"  A few of

the many benefits of

hypnotherapy are:

weight loss...smoking cessation....alcohol cessation

stress reduction....overcome phobias...increase self

confidence....symptom removal....shifts in physiological processes....pain management

trauma removal....

behavior modification....and much more!




  Do you feel can't sleep well....have phobias, 

or physical pain....?

  The good news is that you can be empowered to achieve your goals.  Each of us

has the resources,

 answers, and everything we need to heal ourselves from any issue.  The power

to transform our

own consciousness brings about this.   


Imagine how you would feel fitting into those old jeans, or

all the positive things your friends would say since you

have lost weight, how much more energy you would have, and

the complete sense of freedom and ability to enjoy life more

having quit smoking!




subconscious is the most 

    powerful resource we have.  




 Begin a life of health, happiness, and freedom and "Breakthrough the limits

at Spokane


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Disclaimer: Hypnotherapy has many positive benefits, and is safe.  However, it is not a substitute

for medical treatment.  Hypnotherapy does not diagnose and is not intended to

treat or cure any physical or mental illnesses.  If you are under a health professional's care, always

consult with them concerning any diagnosis. 


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